This article represents my third installation of a three-part series on professional resume-writing services. The very first part dealt with the "good" elements of the industry and the myriad manner ins which resume writers have actually benefited both task hunters in addition to hiring recruiters and supervisors. The second part concentrated on a … Read More

U-bet-cha! One of the most convenient ways to earn money from home is by writing eBooks and offering them online. Once you have actually written your eBook, there is no limitation to how many times you can sell it.I see many websites where the designer has gone off on a wonderfully self pleasing, graphic design services adventure and totally forgot… Read More

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We made a guarantee to our kids that when they reached their twelfth birthdays, my wife and I would take them any location in the world they wanted to go. We called the program "Twelve and Travel." There were a number of pre-conditions to the travel. The first one was, we had to be informed of the choice at least 12 months prior to the birth date a… Read More